avoiding flip flops

Avoiding Flip Flops

July 18, 2016

Summer: the time of year we all look forward to. It’s the time of year we all get to ditch our nine-to- five threads for our summer wardrobe and throw caution to the wind. We all have our summer favorites, whether it’s sundresses for the ladies or tank tops for the gentlemen, but there tends to be one all-encompassing summertime favorite for both men and women; flip flops.

We hate to ruin the party so early in the summer, but we have bad news to relay: to keep your feet safe this summer, avoiding flip flops is the key to keeping happy, healthy feet all year long.

We know, news you didn’t want to hear, but let us explain. While flip flops are both stylish and functional for those warm summer months, flip flops provide very little support for your foot and therefore put needless and avoidable stress on the foot that can cause a variety of injuries. Ranging from heel pain to stress fractures and tendonitis, flip flops are a luxury that your body does not need no matter the weather.

While structural damage can occur, having an exposed foot can result in other injuries, too. Cuts can occur from foreign objects striking your foot unexpectedly, blisters as a result of the rubbing caused by having no structure to keep your foot in place while walking and everyone’s favorite, stubbed toes that can lead to an emergency room visit if done properly.

We understand that there are some scenarios where flip flops are a necessity, such as lugging beach gear to and from the car. In situations like these, flip flops can be acceptable for a short period of time but here’s the catch: we aren’t talking about the five-dollar pair from your favorite bargain store. Set yourself up with a pair of sandals with proper arch support and a thicker sole and lug responsibly!

Don’t be the one stuck inside watching everyone else’s summer fun unfold, have fun responsibly and stick to footwear that will keep your feet safe all summer long!

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