limb salvage and wound care

Foot Reconstruction

At SynergyHealth Foot & Ankle, we take a comprehensive approach to foot reconstruction surgery. Our compassionate podiatrists take great care in providing patients with a thorough overview of the procedure and how it can provide life-changing benefits. While many patients may seek out foot reconstruction for cosmetic or comfort purposes, we are also trained in emergency services and prepared to handle limb salvage and wound care cases.

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Emergency Treatment

Reconstructive foot surgery can be performed to correct a variety of structural issues within the foot, ankle, and leg area. These surgeries are done to improve the function and appearance of the foot.

There are a variety of reasons one may seek out foot reconstruction. Here at SyngeryHealth Foot & Ankle, we provide several different treatments for an array of disorders, including:

Diabetic Foot Infection

Diabetic patients are at higher risk for diabetic foot infections, ranging from mild to severe. Our physicians take a comprehensive and caring approach for all our diabetic patients, as we understand the complications diabetes can present in foot and ankle health.

Leg Wound Treatment

Foot and leg wound treatment for long-lasting or chronic sores and open wounds can be removed and taken care of through surgical and reconstructive procedures, as well as conservative management.

Osteomyelitis Treatment

Inflammation of the bone due to infection within the foot is known as Osteomyelitis. Whether it’s due to a broken or fractured bone, diabetes, or a weakened immune system, Osteomyelitis treatment can range from antibiotics and rest to surgery to remove the damaged bone.

Not only do these foot reconstruction procedures improve the overall look of your feet, but they can also decrease pain and drastically improve your quality of life. We may recommend foot reconstruction and are happy to discuss the benefits, risks, treatment, and aftercare process with you during your next visit.

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Our award-winning physicians provide on-call inpatient and outpatient surgical and medical treatment at various medical centers in the Central VA area. We have a variety of advanced treatment modalities to help with foot reconstruction, including limb salvage and wound care.

Post-Moh's Surgery Ulcer / Wound

Sometimes after Moh's surgery for skin cancer the acute surgical wound has trouble healing and becomes a chronic ulceration. We are able to apply the latest wound care techniques and skin subsitute grafting to help heal ulcers that persist after Moh's surgery to the lower extremities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits of a comprehensive wound care approach?

Specialized and comprehensive wound care provides ongoing treatment and assistance to ensure a patient’s wound heals successfully. For patients with added health risks, including those with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity, it’s essential to find a compassionate and experienced team of physicians to successfully treat foot and leg wounds. Wounds can quickly become reinfected without this approach and cause additional and potentially fatal health issues.

Why is diabetic limb salvage performed?

Diabetic limb salvage is performed to remove dead or diseased tissue and bone within the body. Removed skin and bone are then replaced with artificial parts and bone grafts. This procedure is often performed on diabetic patients who may be dealing with diabetic complications such as persistent foot ulcers and infections.