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Pediatric Foot Treatment

When your child experiences a medical problem, it can be alarming and stressful for everyone involved. SynergyHealth Foot & Ankle has extensive experience treating children of all ages with compassionate care. Our physicians have undergone specialty training in pediatrics and make every effort to ensure young patients and parents feel comforted and cared for during their visits.

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Pediatric Foot Disorders & Treatment

From newborns to teens, children of all ages can experience foot and ankle problems just like adults. Likewise, children may experience more unique conditions due to their rapid growth and active lifestyle.

If your child is experiencing foot or ankle pain, it’s best to seek out professional podiatrists trained in pediatric care. We offer a wide range of pediatric foot treatments for common and rare issues, including:

Pediatric foot disorders

If children participate in sports that require repetitive motions, such as dance or gymnastics, or have to wear unsupportive footwear like hockey skates, they’re likely to experience foot disorders. From heel pain to ingrown toenails to athlete’s foot infections, our understanding and compassionate physicians provide treatments to eliminate pain and get your child back in action as soon as possible.

Pediatric flatfoot correction

This is required when the arch in one or both feet seemingly disappears when the child stands and walks. While this tends to go away on its own, we can recommend custom orthotics for arch support and physical therapy.

Pediatric wart removal

Plantar warts are another common issue we see in our young patients. Often growing on weight-bearing areas of the foot, warts can cause pain and discomfort. Pediatric wart removal is a quick and easy process that will help both child and parent feel better in no time.

Our practice also treats other, less common foot disorders

Congenital foot deformities, like clubfoot, cleft foot, tarsal coalition, and more, are all conditions our doctors can help with.

Is your child struggling with a foot disorder? Are you concerned about a sports injury? SynergyHealth Foot & Ankle is here to calm anxieties and provide prompt treatment. Connect with us today to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between children’s foot conditions and adult foot problems?

Many foot problems children experience are the same or similar to those that adults face. However, children are more likely to experience certain foot disorders, like ingrown toenails, warts, pediatric flatfoot, sports-related injuries, and more. With children still growing and often in constant motion, having a podiatrist trained in pediatric care can make a big difference in treating these issues.

Do my child’s flat feet need to be treated?

It’s always best to bring your child in for an evaluation, but flat feet in children often resolve themselves on their own over time. There are certain interventions, such as custom orthotics or more supportive footwear, which can aid in reducing pain and irritation. Suppose the issue is severe and impacts your child’s ability to walk. In that case, our physicians can provide you with several options and recommendations.